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Oct, 2017

Halloween Duck Soup Tournament, adult coed 7/3

Coming October 28, adult COED costume Count Duckula, Duck Soup tournament. $10 per player prepaid, fourteen player roster limit. A player may “buy-in” on the spot for $15. Must be in costume to play. Costume contest, prizes to winners. Candy for any kids present.
Here are examples of rules that may be used: visiting ream will be spotted ½ run, to prevent extra inning ties. One inning bases must be ran in reverse order 3rd, 2nd, 1st. One inning, all players on both offense and defense must run as if they are riding a stick horse. One inning, defensive players will draw their positions from a hat. One inning, bat and throw opposite handed. One inning will be kick ball. If any player dressed as a certain character scores, that score will be multiplied. Teams will get one mulligan (do over) per game. Foul lines may not be straight. An extra base may be added during a particular inning. One inning, “batters” will be allowed to throw the ball. Targets may be added to the field, and if a batter hits that target it multiplies the score. Players may have to do the chicken dance before their at-bat counts. One inning may have 4 outs per team. Fielders may have to throw underhanded or even roll the ball. Style points may be awarded for best or worst costume.
Entry deadline for this Duck Soup tournament is 5pm. Monday, October 23. Double elimination format; one hour time limit.
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