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Sep, 2017

Food Truck Wars, Lord of the Rings, On-a-Stick

Do you own a food truck or catering business? Know someone who does? Then enter (or tell them to) the Love-Hatbox/NOKSA food competitions: Food Truck Wars, Lord of the Rings, and On-a-Stick. These are three separate competitions.
Food Truck Wars is exactly what it sounds like: a competition between mobile food vendors. To qualify, vendors must have either a truck or trailer and the food must be prepared in that truck or trailer on the complex grounds (cannot be prepared in a brick-and-mortar building and then simply transported to the complex).
Lord of the Rings is an onion ring contest. These may be prepared off-site and transported to the complex; however, the product must be able to be prepared/cooked onsite as well.
On-a-Stick is, well basically, anything served on a stick. There will be 3 categories: meat, non-meat, and deserts. Each category will be judged separately. These may be prepared off-site and transported to the complex; however, the product must be able to be prepared/cooked onsite as well.
Entry fee for any of these contests is $50. The winners in each category will receive a trophy and free vending rights at Love-Hatbox during a 2018 event. The winner will be the exclusive outside food vendor for their chosen event. Example: Bob wins the Lord of the Rings contest and chooses to sell his rings during the 2018 Girls “B” State Fast Pitch Championship. No other outside vendor will be allowed in the softball side of the park that day, and Love-Hatbox concession stand will not sell a competing product.
How will the contests be judged? On the day of competition, contestants will be provided a spot where they may setup their stands. They will offer free sample sized portions of their items to any person with voting tickets. Contestants will have a bucket at their stand, and people will vote for the contestant of their choice by placing a ticket in the contestant’s bucket. Spectators will receive ten tickets with their paid admission to the athletic event at the park on the day of the contest. Additional tickets may be purchased 5 for a dollar. Spectators may vote as often as they like for as many different contestants as they like. At the end of the allotted contest time, the buckets will be gathered, voting tickets will be counted, and the contestant with the most tickets will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be a recount and if still tied a thirty-minute sudden-death “cook-off” will be held.
Spectators may also purchase full sized portions of the contestants’ products during the contest.
Once a winner is determined, that winner will choose an event from the 2018 Love-Hatbox calendar of events for which they will be the exclusive outside food vendor.
Contest dates will be announced soon. Contact Love-Hatbox for more details or to enter.
(Love-Hatbox and NOKSA will not furnish any product nor cooking aid of any kind to any contestant.)
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